Do you love to shop? Doesn't everyone! Thats why here at we are offering out FREE vouchers to go shopping and treat yourself with. Thats right absolutely FREE!

In order to get your free vouchers simply send us your before and after photos of your interior designs using our fabulous brickslips and brickslip corners and we will send you Love2Shop vouchers completely free which you can use in all the top highstreet stores.

How to claim your vouchers?

To claim your vouchers simply email us at with your before and after photos of using our products.

Love2Shop vouchers for all brick slip orders

The order number from buying our brickslips and your delivery address to receive your love to shop vouchers completely free.

Where can I spend my vouchers?

The question here is more appropriately where can't you spend your love2shop vouchers!! The vouchers are accepted my many of the major high street stores. You can spend your vouchers at the following branded outlets.

Your love2shop vouchers can be spent at the following