Brick Slip Headers Half Tiles
Prices are £0.85 plus VAT per Header Brick Slip. Please choose which slip is required from the drop-..

Brick slip header tiles are perfect if you want to create a feature or add a pattern to your brick slip wall. They are suitable to add to both internal and external walls, so no matter where you are planning on adding a brick slip wall you can create the perfect look. Header tiles are used to make a stylish impression and are the most effective way to add a half brick look to your project.

Real Brick Ltd only stock the best quality header brick slips. Our header slips are made from the same real brick that we manufacture all of our brick slips from. This means that the overall look that you can create matches perfectly and nothing looks out of place on your wall.

Each one of our brick slip headers is handmade to ensure that we only stock the highest quality brick slip. Each one measures approximately 65mm (H) x 104mm (L) x 19-20mm (D). If you require any help or advice regarding your brick slips or brick slips headers, then please don't hesitate to contact Real Brick Ltd directly.