One of the first questions you may ask yourself when you are thinking about creating a fake brick wall is whether you can do it yourself, or will you need an experienced tiler. Well, here at Real Brick Ltd, we know the answer to this question! The answer is, yes you can create it yourself, without the need to hire an experienced tiler. The reason you can create it yourself is by using brick tiles. By using fake brick tiles, you will be making your DIY project a whole lot easier and a whole less time-consuming!

Fake brick tiles are cut from real reclaimed bricks. This means that the fake real brick wall you are able to create in your home or business gives the impression that you have built a real wall from the foundations up. This will create a beautiful rustic feel to your home or business. Fake brick tiles allow you to create the look of a fake wall anywhere, both internal and external.

So once you have discovered that you can build your fake brick wall yourself, what is the next important question that you need to ask yourself? Well, Real Brick Ltd knows the answer to that question! The next question you need to ask yourself is, what style of brick tile do I need to use to create the desired look? We have given some ideas in this blog post, so why not keep reading to see if we can inspire you?

How To Choose The Perfect Brick Tile

Choosing the correct style of brick tile is extremely important when you are designing your fake brick wall. The wrong choice could result in you ruining the overall look and feel of your home or business. So before you even begin your DIY project, you really need to think about the look that you want to achieve. If you are still unsure which tile to use even after deciding on your look, Real Brick Ltd is here to help. We have therefore given two examples of which brick tile will be perfect for two different styles of rooms:

Rustic Style

If you are aiming to create a more rustic style to your room, then you need to look at our more rustic style brick tiles. These brick tiles are cut from traditional, reclaimed bricks. This means that when you use these bricks within your home or business, you will be able to create a look that will make your customers or visitors to your home feel welcome and comfortable. This is due to the fake brick wall giving the feeling of a rustic farmhouse or cottage. Take a look at our reclaimed brick tiles to see if you can create your ideal look from this range. You will see that this range of brick tiles come in beautiful reds, browns, and oranges. These colours will help make your home or business feel warm and welcoming. A must for any home or business! Rustic brick tiles are extremely popular and can be used anywhere in your home. They are also the perfect choice for a more rustic feel to any business, including traditional-looking coffee houses. They will help create the perfect atmosphere that you are aiming for!

Modern Style

The other style of brick tile we want to talk about is the more contemporary/modern style. Using brick tiles from our modern style range will allow you to create a more modern look and feel to your home or business. As you can see from our range, the more contemporary style of brick tiles are available in greys and deep reds. In order to create this more modern look, you will need to team these contemporary brick tiles with more modern furniture and decorations. This will allow the contemporary/modern feel to flow through the whole room. These more modern brick tiles are perfect for a trendy restaurant or contemporary coffee shop. They are also perfect for those who want to bring this fresh, modern, feel into their homes.

So Why Choose Real Brick Ltd?

Real Brick Ltd have been supplying homes and businesses with brick tiles for many years. We know what style of brick tile will be perfect for different styles of rooms. We are always here to give help and advice on which brick tile, adhesive, corner tiles to use so that you can create that perfect look! The brick tiles we sell are only cut from real reclaimed bricks. This means that each brick tile is unique and authentic. Therefore when you buy from us, you can be assured that the fake brick wall that you can create from our brick tiles will be something that you can be truly proud of!

  • Sep 05, 2020
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