An exposed brick wall has become more and popular in both homes and businesses. A bare brick wall can add character and texture to any room. If you are looking to get an industrial or rustic look to your home or business, then an exposed wall is the answer. However, what if you are unable to expose the wall underneath your plaster walls and you don't the mess of removing the plaster, then brick wall tiles are what you are looking for.

What Are Brick Wall Tiles?

Brick wall tiles are tiles that are cut from full real bricks and are one of the easiest ways for you to brighten up your home or business. Brick wall tiles can add warmth and an intriguing character without the fuss and mess of laying real bricks. So what are the main five advantages of using brick wall tiles?

What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Brick Tiles?

  1. Brick Wall Tiles Are Easy To Install:

    This is the main advantage of using brick wall tiles. Brick wall tiles are easily installed on a pre-existing wall, both internal and external. There is less mess and hassle when you decide to use brick wall tiles than if you decide to build a new wall using real bricks. In fact brick wall tiles are so easy to install that you can do it yourself!
  2. When you have to build a new wall you have to use real bricks that are stacked on top of each other and secured using mortar. Brick wall tiles on the other hand, are very similar to traditional tiles. This means that you can apply the wall tile directly on to the wall using glue or mortar, making them easier to use!

    Installing brick wall tiles yourself means that you don't have to hire a professional to do it for you. Thus, saving time and money. In fact, we would say that installing brick slips is a relatively straight forward DIY project. This is as long as you use the correct adhesives. Here at Real Brick Ltd, we stock the best adhesives and mortar that you will need.

  3. Variety Of Colours and Styles:

    Brick wall tiles come in a wide variety of different colours, styles and textures. This means that no matter what design and look you are aiming for, there are brick wall tiles that you will be able to use to bring your vision alive. Brick wall tiles range from a sleek modern look to a more traditional, reclaimed look. Due to brick wall tiles being cut from regular real bricks, they maintain the look and real of a real brick wall. Colours range from beautiful traditional reds to gorgeous greys and browns. Thus, giving you a wide range to choose from.
  4. Extremely Cost Effective:

    Brick wall tiles are excellent for DIY projects. This is due to the fact that you don't need to hire a professional to install them. You can do it yourself. By installing them yourself, you will not only be saving money but also time. Installing brick wall tiles is less messy and disruptive, meaning that if you are installing them in a business, your business will not suffer from a long disruption due to the mess and time it would take to build a real wall.
  5. Easy To Maintain:

    Once you have installed your brick wall tiles, they are easy to maintain. If you use wood or vinyl, you would need to add a protective coating. However, you don't need to do this with brick wall tiles. You can even paint them to match the design of the room.
  6. Exposed Brick Is An Eye Catching Feature

    No matter where you decide to install your brick wall tiles, they will form a beautiful eye catching feature to any building. They add warmth and character, meaning that you can create a look that you can be proud of. A look that people will talk about. If you are using them in your business, they can help create a warm and homely feel. The variety of designs will help you to create that perfect look that you have been trying to achieve.

brick wall tiles used on an internal wall

Brick Wall Tiles Are Perfect For Your DIY Project

Brick wall tiles are the perfect feature for your next DIY project. They are easy to install and come in a variety of different styles and colours. Here at Real Brick Ltd only use real reclaimed bricks for our brick wall tiles, meaning that when you buy from us, you are buying the genuine product. We have a wide range of brick wall tiles for you to choose from. We also have all of the adhesives and mortars that you will need to install your brick slips. So what are you waiting for, start your next DIY project today!

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