When it comes to restyling your home or business brick tile cladding has become more and more popular over recent years. This is because you can create a homely, authentic, and rustic feel by cladding your home or business with brick tiles. Brick tile cladding from authentic brick tiles will help transport visitors to your home, or your customers to your business, back to the distant past. Each reclaimed brick tile is unique and comes with its own history. No two reclaimed brick tiles look exactly the same and if you buy from a reputable brick tile suppliers, such as Real Brick Ltd, you can rest assured that your wall will help emphasise period architecture. Period architecture you can be proud of.

You may have noticed that brick tile cladding is becoming more and more popular with coffee shops and restaurants. This is because brick tile cladding help to create a feeling of a home-grown business. They help create a relaxing, comforting atmosphere that encourages people to return to the coffee shop or business. Sourcing genuine, reclaimed brick tiles has helped the rise in popularity with brick tile cladding. This is because it has never been easier to purchase genuine reclaimed brick tiles. This is due to excellent suppliers, such as Real Brick Ltd, who only stock brick tiles sourced from authentic, real bricks. We pride ourselves on the genuine, beautiful and authentic brick slips that we supply to all of our clients.

Authentic Brick Tiles

We believe that the appeal for real brick tiles lies in their authenticity. Which is why we ensure that we only stock brick tiles that we have cut from bricks that have been reclaimed from real demolished buildings. This is why our clients are able to create an authentic, rustic wall when they buy from us. We know that there are some suppliers who may produce reproductions of their brick tiles in bulk. This will result in a wall that doesn't look genuine and the client will be left feeling disappointed in the wall they create. The wall will not have the same genuine feel to it if you don't use genuine real brick tiles. The genuine real brick tiles that we stock enable you to create a wall that has more history than if you used brick slips from wholesale manufacturers. Our brick tiles will enable you to build a wall that you can be proud of.

Why Choose Real Brick Ltd?

As we have already stated, we only source brick tiles from genuine reclaimed bricks. This is why, when you decide to use our brick tiles, you will find that you are able to create a beautiful and authentic wall. We understand the importance of genuine real bricks for brick tile cladding. Using real brick tiles for cladding your wall will create that perfect feature that you have been looking for over the years.

We have supplied brick tiles for all different projects and our clients are always happy with the look they are able to create with our real brick tiles. We have a wide range of brick tiles available. Why not take a look at a range, here? As you can see from our range, we stock both rustic brick tiles, and more contemporary brick tiles. This means that our clients are able to create any design that they can think of. We also stock all of the products that you will need to create your feature wall. Our matching corner tiles will help create a perfect finish to your wall. Real Brick Ltd pride ourselves on the beautiful and genuine products that we sell, meaning our clients can pride themselves on the perfect finished wall that they create from our brick tiles.

We are always on hand to offer any help and advice on which brick tile will be the best ones for your project. Therefore, you can rest assured that if you are unsure whether brick tile cladding would be suitable for your project, that there will be someone at Real Brick Ltd that can offer you advice. We can discuss which brick tile would be suitable for the atmosphere that you want to create, and also on the tools that you will need. So what are you waiting for? Contact Real Brick Ltd today!

  • May 09, 2020
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