You may or may not be aware that style trends for your internal walls for your home or business tend to come and go as much as they do for the way we dress or style our homes or businesses. One of the most recent trends in styling our homes or businesses is brick wall cladding. A wall that has had brick cladding done to it creates a warm and welcoming feel. Therefore, there has been no better time to monopolise on brick cladding a feature wall in your home or business. But what is it about brick wall cladding that has made it become so popular? Carry on reading to find out more.

Why Is Wall Cladding Becoming So Popular?

Take it from Real Brick Ltd that cladding a wall brings with it a homely and rustic feel to any home or business. We have found over the years of working with brick cladding that there is something inviting about the appearance of an authentic wall. It inspires customers and clients that visit a restaurant or business. Encouraging the customer or client to visit the business again and again. We have also witnessed how using brick wall cladding in the home can result in a warm and welcoming atmosphere for those visiting your home. Using brick wall cladding for your feature wall in your home can indeed give it that wow factor that you've been looking for over the years.

If you are thinking that a brick tile wall may become tiresome and boring for your home or business, then you need to think again. By using reclaimed brick tiles, you will find that no two brick tiles are the same. Each one is unique, meaning that when you apply them to any wall, no two walls will be exactly the same. By using reclaimed bricks you will be creating a look and atmosphere that will make your home or business unique. You will be creating something that you can be proud to show off and something that will get people talking!

The Desire Of Brick Wall Cladding

Here at Real Brick Ltd, we feel that the allure of using brick wall cladding is largely down to the fact that you can create any look that you want. By using a more traditional looking reclaimed brick tile, you will create a more homely and rustic feel to your home and business. For example, a restaurant with a homely feel allows your customers to feel more relaxed and at home when they visit your establishment. This will help to encourage return visits. Also, by using more traditional brick tiles in your home, you will be able to create a rustic and homely feel. A rustic and homely feel to your home will allow your guests to feel more relaxed and enjoy the time in your home. Whereas, if you use a more modern brick tile, you will be able to create a more modern feel to your home and business. For example, a trendy, modern coffee shop will want to use a more retro brick tile. This will allow the room to feel modern and up to date. The possibilities are endless when you decide to use brick wall cladding in your home or business. Therefore allowing you to be creative in your designs.

Using authentic brick tiles are becoming more and more popular. This is not only due to their unique appearance, but also the history that comes with each and every reclaimed brick tile. Each tile we use for our brick wall cladding tiles has lived a previous life. It has its own history and it is in this history where we believe that the popularity for brick cladding starts. A feature brick tile wall is unique and tells its own story. Whereas using manufactured brick tiles can appear bland and obvious, using authentic brick tiles can bring with it a feeling of history and uniqueness. An authentic brick tile can bring character to any room and can help you create a calm and peaceful atmosphere to your home or business.

Why Choose Real Brick Ltd?

Here at Real Brick Ltd, we only use authentic, reclaimed real bricks to create our real brick tiles. We only source the best bricks in order to allow our clients to create that perfect look they are aiming to achieve. We have a wide range of different styles of brick tiles and you can view our range here. As you will see from our range of brick tiles, we stock everything from traditional looking brick tiles to more traditional ones. We also stock matching corner tiles so you can ensure that the finished product will always look perfect. Tools to help you clad your walls are also available. So what are you waiting for? Contact Real Brick Ltd today so you can begin your journey towards a beautiful home or business that has been enhanced by brick cladding a feature wall. A wall that adds character and atmosphere to any room.

  • May 03, 2020
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