When we think of a bathroom, we often think that plain white porcelain tiles are the only way to go. We get stuck in the thought that this is what a bathroom should look like, so why not start to think outside the box? Brick slips will help you do this!

Brick slips in a bathroom will allow you to create a luxurious bathroom. They will help you create a room that you can be proud of! With people becoming more and more fond of spa days, the popularity of creating a luxurious, warm and relaxing bathroom in their own home. It is, therefore, becoming more popular than a modern bathroom needs to make you feel totally indulged. A bathroom is no longer just a place to wash, it is a place to relax and brick slips will help you create a relaxing atmosphere.

How Can Brick Slips Improve My Bathroom?

Porcelain bathrooms can appear plain and clinical. Brick slips can help break this appearance. They can add character to any bathroom and help create a more sophisticated feel to the room. The texture of the brick slip can add texture and will make your bathroom appear warmer than it would if you just used porcelain.

A Few Tips

When you are deciding to use brick slips in your bathroom, there are a few things that you will need to do and consider:

Location:Choosing the right wall to use your brick slips on is extremely important. You need to pay attention to where your mirrors will be located. If you hang your mirror on the opposite wall to your brick slips, you will be doubling the exposure of the brick slips due to the reflection in the mirror.

Heat:If you place a radiator on your brick slip wall, you will help dry the clay on the wall. Due to conductivity and heat retention of the brick wall, your bathroom will warm up more quickly than it would if it were a porcelain bathroom.

Sealing:Due to your bathroom is a naturally damp room, you will need to ensure you seal your brick slips. By doing this, you will be protecting your brick slip wall and you will be ensuring that the water will simply bead on the wall.

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Once you have decided to add a feature brick slip wall in your bathroom, we are here to help! Why not take a look at the brick slips we have available here at Real Brick Ltd? If you are still unsure which brick slips to use, then we are more than happy to help.

  • Aug 10, 2019
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