Here at Real Brick Ltd we often have enquiries regarding using brick slips for external wall cladding. We are extremely proud to say that our products are perfect for both internal and external walls. Our products can be used for all types of projects, including new builds, renovation and conservation projects. The brick slips are a perfect, simple solution for creating a beautiful brick facade without having all the stress, hassle and mess of building a new wall. Brick slips are essentially a tile. Thus making it an easy product to use and install. Meaning that you can achieve the perfect look anywhere on your home.

It can seem somewhat daunting when you are considering starting a home improvement project; however, with brick slips you don't need to stress. Brick slips are an easy and popular choice when renovating the home. Therefore, no matter how big or small your renovation project is, you can rest assured that you will be able to create the look you want in a few easy steps. Using brick slip cladding can add elegance to even your most tired-looking walls. Therefore, if you would like a more superior finish you need to use brick slips. They will add class to any rendered or painted surface. Whereas panelling can often leave your wall looking inferior, using brick slips will have the opposite effect. By using brick slips you will be improving the overall look of your home. Also, the beauty of using brick slips is that they can be applied to any type of wall surface. This allows endless possibilities!

brick slips used for external wall cladding

Advantages Of Using Brick Slips For Your External Wall Cladding

There are many advantages of using brick slips for your external wall. These advantages include:

  1. Gives a professional-looking, real brick look to your external wall
  2. You don't need to build additional foundations to build a brick slip external wall
  3. Brick slips allow you to create a high level of accuracy and allows you to easily align each brick slip
  4. Reduction of the complex installations procedures created by using other methods of installation
  5. Using the correct adhesive means the brick slip remains in place for many many years
  6. Ability to use on both internal and external walls

One of the main advantages of using brick slips for your external wall is that it reduces the need for highly skilled tradesman to build you a wall. Real Brick Ltd has seen the demand for brick slips increase over the years. So why not use brick slips to create your perfect external wall?

Your Creativity Is Endless!

The effects you can achieve with brick slips is endless. You can create the different looks to your wall by choosing from the wide range of brick slips we sell. Combining this with brick slip headers and matching brick slip corners will allow you to achieve the perfect look you are aiming for! We have been selling brick slips for many years and we know that using brick slips has great benefits to an external wall. The benefit of purchasing your brick slips from Real Brick Ltd is that we stock a wide range of different types of brick slips. We also sell all the accessories, mortars and tools you will need so you can achieve the look you are aiming for.

Our brick slips are also the perfect size to allow you to create the detailing around your windows and doors. Using brick slips will allow you to maintain an aesthetically appealing look to an external wall. Also, the beauty of brick slips is that they are not only used for large installations. This is because they can be easily installed on small walls, whilst still looking like a perfect wall. Using them on a residential building will allow you to create a brick extension to the building with ease and without hassle. To be able to create the look you want, you will need to use the appropriate adhesive. If you are unsure which adhesive to use for your project please feel free to ask for advice from our experts. We will be more than happy to assist.

Real Brick Ltd have years of experience of installing external brick slip cladding. All of the people who work for us are expertly trained so know what they are talking about. We will be happy to offer any help and advice regarding which brick slip to use in order to create the look you are aiming for! So why not get started? Contact us today!

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