There are several advantages of choosing real clay brick slips over imitation concrete brick slips. One of the most important advantages of using real clay brick slips is that they are cut from high-quality bricks. The technology used to cut the bricks ensures that the colour and texture of the bricks are of a high quality. They will give your brick slip wall that beautiful, high-quality look that you are looking for.

Concrete imitation bricks are made using cement, sands and dyes. This means that the quality, colour and strength will vary from batch to batch. The end result may not have that high quality feel that you want. It may reduce the high impact you want from your brick slips. Also, imitation concrete brick slips do not offer variation as they are made using set moulds. This may mean that you will be using brick slips that are identical. If you want a more natural, realistic looking wall, real clay bricks will be your best option. Real clay brick slips are also excellent when you want to create a bespoke wall, using a more authentic method that demands attention.

The majority of concrete moulded brick slips are manufactured in small batches using crude methods. This means that the quality of the brick slip will often fall short. Real clay brick slips, on the other hand, go through a more intensive manufacturing process even before they reach Real Brick Ltd. More time is invested into the design detailing of the brick slip, and as a result, you have a higher quality product to allow you to make your wall a key feature in your home or business. A real clay brick slip allows you to create something that you can be truly proud of.

We are able to manufacture real clay brick slips 365 days a year. The ability to manufacture concrete brick slips is dependent on the weather. Production can often be compromised during wet or frosty weather as this can stop the cement from curing.

Here at Real Brick Ltd, we only offer our valued customers the highest quality real clay brick slips that will enable you to create a brick slip wall that they can be proud of. Why not take a look at all of our brick slip products available so you can make the right choice for your brick slip wall.

  • Jul 30, 2017
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