Antique Blend
A firm favourite with our customers, Antique Blend Brick Slips have it all. With shades of rich redd..
Audley Antique
Our Audley Antique brick slip is a stunning but subtle mixture of copper and salmon reds with a hand..
Birkdale Blend
This brick slip has a mixture of different shades of red-brown, with a light buff colour and speckle..
Camberley Red Multi
The deep red tones and the sprinkling of black and white make this brick slip the perfect choice if ..
Classic Gaudi
Our Classic Gaudi brick slip will give your wall a reclaimed effect. The deep red tones, the sprinkl..
Classic Red
Lightly tumbled with deep red tones with a sprinkling of black and white overlay for a fabulous recl..
Cottage Mix
Our Cottage Mix brick slip will add a rustic charm to any wall. This brick slip consists of a beauti..
Flemish Antique
The Flemish Antique brick slip creates an interesting and attention-drawing wall. Its tones of light..
London Weathered Yellow
Get a true London look with the stunning London Weathered Yellow brick slip. The yellows in this bri..
London Yellow Multi
Our London Yellow Multi brick slips allow you to bring London inside. This brick slip is made up of ..
Old Barn Stock
The stunning Old Barn Stock Brick Slips are ideal for adding a rustic look and feel to any room. Wit..
Old Duxford
Old Duxford brick slips have a light texture and have a lovely buff colour. This brick slip can add ..
Olde Coach House
Olde Coach House brick slips are a red brick slip with a tumbled appearance. This brick slip would b..

Reclaimed brick slips are brick slips that are sourced from authentic bricks that may have previously been used as part of houses or public buildings that have since been demolished. This means that if you choose a reclaimed brick slip you will be choosing one that is arguably the most authentic. This type of brick slip is perfect if you are wanting to create a period brickwork or you are wanting to create a rustic atmosphere for your home or business.

Using reclaimed brick slips on your walls is becoming increasingly popular. They will add an aesthetically appealing effect to any wall in any home or business. They can also be used for new cladding or updating old cladding. The reclaimed brick slip is expertly produced by cutting the face off of a full-sized reclaimed brick. Here at Real Brick, we are experts in producing these reclaimed brick slips so that you can create the perfect effect on your wall. We have a wide range of reclaimed brick slips for you to choose from.

The brick slips we produce will give the stunning and beautiful effect of a full brick wall without you having the hassle of having to build a new wall. This makes using reclaimed brick slips a cost-effective option for your building project. So, why not take a look through the wide range of reclaimed brick slips that we have to offer? We stock brick slips that have different textures and colours. This allows you to create the perfect look that you want to achieve. The brick slips we produce are available in boxes of 30 brick slips. One box will cover half a square metre of your wall and each brick slip measures 215 x 65 x 20mm. If you require help with which brick slip to use, then don't hesitate to contact us directly. We will be able to help you with any questions that you may have.