Melton Antique
The beautiful Melton Antique brick slip has a light texture with shades of reds. This makes this bri..
Throckley Smooth
The Throckley Smooth brick slips are red in colour with a smooth finish. This brick slip is perfect ..

Brick slips are a natural and handmade product that is created by cutting the face off of full bricks. They are used for both internal and external walls. They can be used to refurbish or transform existing facades and also for full new build projects. They are very easy to apply and are lightweight and flexible. They are very low maintenance and provide more advantages to the traditional method of building a brand new wall.

There are different types of brick slips that come in different colours and textures. Each different type of brick slip is perfect for specific types of projects. For example, reclaimed brick slips are perfect for projects where you want to create a genuine rustic atmosphere. A modern brick slip would not be suitable for this type of project. However, modern brick slips are perfect if you are working on a new build or you want to make an old wall look and feel more modern. At Real Brick, we believe that if you choose the right brick slip for the right project you can create a truly perfect wall that you can be proud of. Therefore, if you are unsure of which brick slip to use for your project then you can contact us for any help and advice.

All of the brick slips we sell come in boxes of 30 and cover half a metre of wall. Each brick slip measures 215 x 65 x 20mm. However, do check the description of the brick slip you choose before ordering. This will ensure that you are ordering the perfect brick slip for your project.