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Our Whitby Red Multi Rustica brick slip has a reclaimed weathered handmade appearance. Just as the name suggests, with rustic shades of red; burnt sienna, terracotta, and rust red with hints of sooty black and cream overlay to compliment. A truly exquisite brick, one of our firm favourites.   Read More
£35.00 Per Box One box contains 30 slips (equal to half a square metre).

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When you order a box of brick slips from us, you will be ordering a box of 30 brick slips. Each brick slip in the box will measure approximately 215 x 65 x 20 mm. If you feel that these sizes will not be appropriate for your project, then please contact us with your exact requirements.

As standard, all of our bricks slips are suitable for you to use inside and outside your property. Please take a look at our accessory page to check whether you have all the required tools, accessories, mortar and adhesive. If you don't have all the right equipment, then do not worry. You can purchase everything you require from us.

We hand make all of our brick slips to order, making our brick slips a much sought after bespoke product. We normally inform our clients that our lead time is approximately 4-6 working days. If you need the product in a less time frame, then please contact us to inquire whether we could help you.

If you decide to purchase your brick slips from another provider, then please be aware that there are many firms out there that sell imitation products. These imitation products are inferior to the product we sell, so please be careful when placing orders with them.

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