Belgravia Yellow Multi
Our Belgravia Yellow Brick Slip is a beautiful collection of yellows, golds, amber and buff colours,..
Birkdale Blend
This brick slip has a mixture of different shades of red-brown, with a light buff colour and speckle..
Bromley Red Multi
Our Bromley Red Multi brick slip has a heavy texture and is a beautiful shade of red. This would be ..
Classic Red
Lightly tumbled with deep red tones with a sprinkling of black and white overlay for a fabulous recl..
The Cortona brick slip has beautiful shades of greys and anthracite. It will allow you to create a c..
Corum is a handmade grey yellow brick slip with dark grey shades. Shown on the images with both a st..
Cottage Mix
Our Cottage Mix brick slip will add a rustic charm to any wall. This brick slip consists of a beauti..
Culford Mixture - 4 Weeks Lead Time
Culford Mixture brick slips are a traditional looking brick that will add character to any wall, bot..
Flemish Antique
The Flemish Antique brick slip creates an interesting and attention drawing wall. Its tones of light..
Hammersmith London Stock
The Hammersmith London Stock brick slip comes in a buff colour with a light texture.   To be ..
Hathaway Brindle
Hathaway Brindle brick slips have a light texture and have a beautiful mixture of different shades o..
Jubilee brick slips are red facing bricks with a light texture. They have a beautiful mix of light r..
Kassandra Multi
Our Kassandra Multi brick slips are multi-textured and come in a stunning red and purple tone. They ..
Keswick Blend
The Keswick Blend brick slip is a beautiful red colour, with a light texture. It will add character ..
London Weathered Yellow
Get a true London look with the stunning London Weathered Yellow brick slip. The yellows in this bri..

Here at Real Brick, we pride ourselves on the fact that all of the brick slips we sell are a handmade, bespoke product. We stock a large range of different styles of brick slips and also matching corner tiles and header tiles. Our range includes brick slips of all different textures and colours. This allows our customers to create their ideal look to their wall. All of our brick slips are suitable for interior and external walls. Therefore, you can use our products on any project that you have planned.

If you are looking to build a wall that has a consistent look then handmade brick slips are perfect. We sell boxes of 30 brick slips which will cover half a square metre of wall. Each brick slip measure 215 x 65 x 20mm. If you are unsure how many brick slips you will need to complete your project, our online bespoke calculator will help you. However, if you have any questions regarding our brick slips or any of our products then please contact and we will do our best to help.