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ON SALE The Sussex Yellow Multi Brick Slips are ideal for a warming shade to any room. With shades of sandy yellows browns to dark patch and black speckles, to compliment this visually striking mix.   Read More
£12.00 Per Box One box contains 30 slips (equal to half a square metre).

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Each box of brick slips that you purchase from Real Brick Ltd will contain 30 brick slips. Each separate brick slip that you find in each box measures approximately 215 x 65 x 20mm. If you feel that these sizes will not fit your requirements, please contact us directly and we will discuss whether we will be able to meet your needs. This is because we may have other sizes available that will be more suitable for your project. We also stock matching corner brick slips. Using the correct corner brick slip will give your wall a perfect finish.

We only stock beautiful handmade brick slips and all of the brick slips we stock are suitable for both internal and external walls. We understand that in order for you to fit your brick slips correctly you will need the correct tools, accessories, mortar and adhesive. This is why we only stock the best tools, accessories, mortar and adhesive. Thus meaning that when you purchase these products from us, you can rest assured that you will be buying products that will help make sure your brick slips will last for years to come. It also helps to ensure that your project is a success. As we have already stated, in order to fit your brick slips correctly you will need the right mortar. If you are unsure which mortar to choose please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Here at Real Brick Ltd, we only stock bespoke handmade brick slips. This means that when you purchase brick slips from us you will be purchasing high-quality brick slips. Our usual turn around time is 4-6 working days. If this time scale is unsuitable for you please contact us and we can discuss whether we will be able to get your brick slips to you more quickly. We can, at times, offer a next working day delivery time scale.

All of the prices we quote on our website do not include VAT.

We always ensure that our brick slips are manufactured from real brick. This means that all of our brick slips are a genuine product. There are many imitation brick slip products out there, so please ensure that you only purchase the genuine product.

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