Brick Slip Corner Tiles
Finish off those edges with our beautiful hand cut corner brick slips, which are available acro..

Corner brick slips are specially made to finish off the overall look of a brick slip wall. They are specially made brick slip pieces for outside corners, such as alcoves, external angles and chimney breasts. Corner brick slips are L shaped so that they can be used to provide a seamless look to give the authentic impression of a brick wall

These corner brick slips allow you to neatly complete the 'real brick wall' effect as the corner bricks appear to be a complete brick. They are essential for any building project that involves cladding an outward facing corner. Here at Real Brick, we understand the importance of corner brick slips to any project. This is why we stock matching brick slips for all of the brick slips we sell. We are also experts in which brick slip to use for every type of effect you may want to create. Therefore, you can contact us directly if you have any questions regarding brick slips or brick slip corners.